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Body Drench Mask Society Stay Woke Face Mask

Body Drench Mask Society Stay Woke Face Mask

Product Code: D272013
Brand: Body Drench
Product Tags: Beauty Face Mask & Treatments, Face Mask & Treatments,
Category: Facial Skincare
Type: Face Mask,
Skin Type: Dry & Dehydrated Skin,

REVITALIZING CAFFEINE FACE MASK SHEET IN 4 PACKS: No need to break the bank to keep your glowing skin! This superfood for your face comes in four-packs! Stay Woke Face Sheet Mask is soaked in revitalizing caffeine extracts for intense skin hydration. It is mild and non-irritating makes it perfect for all skin types! Formulated to lift sagging skin, moisturize and provide vital nutrients to your face. Use this during your next TV binge sesh, on a plane, or whenever skin feels extra-thirsty!
  • RRP: €4.99