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Framesi Morphosis Destress Hair Serum 100ml

Framesi Morphosis Destress Hair Serum 100ml

Product Code: D246131
Brand: Framesi Professional Haircare,
Product Tags: Hair, Mens, Styling
Category: Hair Serum,
Type: Hair Serum
Size: 100ml

We all suffer from it: stress! Stress causes many psychological complaints but can also have an effect on the physical aspects of people such as hair. The Destress Serum is the perfect product for this. Framesi Morphosis Destress Serum is suitable for people with sensitive scalp. The serum treats the sensitive scalp and ensures that it is treated optimally. The product has a calming and calming effect. The Destress Serum is enriched with, among other things, the extract of organic cucumber. The product has a healing effect and stimulates hair growth. Framesi Morphosis Destress Serum also ensures the recovery of hair cells. In addition, the hair is ultimately hydrated. The serum does not need to be flushed out.
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